Corporate Profile

    Roshel is a leading provider of smart armoured vehicles to the government and commercial clients throughout North America. Our broad range of smart armoured vehicles includes cash-in-transit vans, commercial SUVs and sedans, rescue and emergency vehicles for public, private and civil sectors.

    At Roshel, our number one mission is to provide our clients with the strategic capabilities to ensure the success of their operations.

    With our broad network of partners, suppliers and vendors, cutting edge technology platforms and in-depth market expertise, we are committed to delivering cost-effective and custom-tailored solutions to respond to dynamic scenarios of today’s ever-changing security environment. Roshel is proud of dedication and passion of its employees to contribute to a safer world while maintaining the highest standards of trust, ethics and integrity.

    Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Roshel was established in 2016 by a distinguished group of automotive professionals with many years of experience within the automotive and security markets.

    Roshel operates from its manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario. With an industry-leading selection of unique vehicular solutions we pride ourselves on the ability to accurately evaluate requirements and offer the most suitable solution to deliver guaranteed results. We are committed to helping our clients to overcome ever-changing challenges and achieve success, no matter what their requirements are.

    As a Canadian entity, Roshel complies with relevant laws, policies and regulations and certifies its materials and components.

    Our Values



    We realize that in today’s ever-changing environment, there is an ongoing need to respond to new requirements.  With focus on R&D of advanced technologies, we are ready to respond to future dynamic scenarios and changing demands.


    With operational efficiency being one of the key priorities for our clients, we design our products in a way that ensures maximal performance in any environment.


    We believe success is only possible with passion and endless commitment to our customers and industry partners.


    A sense of responsibility makes our team go the extra mile to ensure we deliver the best quality possible. We operate with the highest standards of trust, ethics and integrity.


    As a provider of smart armoured vehicles, we are obligated to pay double attention to the quality of our products, which are meant to save lives.


    To anticipate and meet various security challenges by providing deep expertise and analysis, advanced technologies and reliable turnkey solutions custom-tailored to suit specific requirements and needs of our clients.


    A trusted partner in delivering cutting-edge smart armoured vehicles including cash-in-transit vehicles, commercial SUVs, emergency and rescue vehicles that provide an ultimate level of protection and enhance overall safety of operations.

    7381 Pacific Cir., Mississauga,
    Ontario L5T 2A4, Canada
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