Roshel Partisan APC

    Emergency Response Unit

    Roshel is a leading company in manufacturing of a vast array of armoured vehicles built for various emergency response scenarios. The Partisan APC line of emergency response vehicles includes multi-purpose rescue and response units, emergency medical services vehicles, utility vehicle and others. The Partisan APC is the smallest emergency response unit in the Roshel’s extensive line of vehicles for first responders.

    By being committed to delivering products of the highest quality, Roshel has designed and developed its Partisan APC to serve a wide range of scenarios. The Partisan APCs are extensively employed by security services providers, law enforcement agencies, emergency response units in North America. Roshel’s Partisan APC is designed to withstand various conditions, environmentally and otherwise, which is very important considering it assists the officers in realizing their mission successfully. By utilizing premium ballistic materials and heavy-duty components like run-flat devices, brakes, upgraded suspension, and others, Roshel sets the benchmark in the industry as well as guarantees that its customers will receive unequalled protection and durability. In addition to standard security features, our Partisan APC could be equipped with advanced security systems.

    The Partisan’s passenger compartment and engine bay are developed to provide protection up to CEN B7 protection level. As a part of our specialization, we provide our clients with custom-designed solutions manufactured to meet their distinct requirements in line with their local operational needs. All our ballistic materials have been tested by the third party, internationally recognized laboratories to assure that international ballistic standards are met.

    We facilitate the delivery of our Partisan emergency response unit through an established network of our logistics partners. Roshel offers its customers extensive after-sales support, including but not limited to prompt delivery of spare parts to any part of the world to facilitate vehicular efficiency. Because of our exhaustive and compendious partnership network, we can deliver required parts and services to accommodate the most instantaneous requests.

    Reach us by giving us a call or sending us an email today, and our experts will be happy to talk through your significant demands to deliver the solution meeting your operating conditions and security requirements of your region.

    Ballistic Levels Offered

    9 x 19mm
    .44 Magnum
    7.62 x 39mm
    7.62 x 51mm
    Winchester .308
    7.62 x 51mm API
    Winchester .308

    Technical Specifications

    Based on chassis:
    Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series
    Entire perimeter protection:
    Certified ballistic steel, multi-layered bullet resistant glass
    Protection level:
    Up to CEN B7
    Seating capacity:
    Up to 10 
    Standard features:
    Engine bay armoring, multi-layer ballistic glass, heavy-duty door hinges, heavy-duty suspensions and brakes, external view cameras, rear compartment A/C, exhaust system, siren/PA system, escape hatches, etc.
    Optional security features:
    Port holes, video surveillance, PTZ camera, heavy-duty winch, fire suppression system, muzzle detection system, central tire inflation system, night vision system, access control system

    Key Advantages

    Wide Range of Vehicles

    Roshel offers a broad lineup of armoured vehicles designed, developed and built in-house to meet strict international performance and safety standards.

    Custom Solutions

    Flexible and reliable custom-tailored solutions to meet specific operational and security requirements based on mission objectives and threat evaluation.

    Innovative Components

    Roshel utilizes only high-quality innovative ballistic materials and heavy-duty components to ensure the highest level of performance and security of its products.

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