Roshel Senator APC

    Modular solution for your operational needs

    Roshel specializes in the design, developing and manufacturing of an extensive range of armored personnel carriers. A Roshel Senator APC is its flagship model which is able to efficiently serve a wide variety of scenarios. This high performance multi-purpose armoured personnel carrier has been specifically designed for law enforcement, peacekeeping and civilian applications.

    By implementing modular design Roshel has created a vehicular platform which is able to support a wide range of operational scenarios including but not limited to armoured personnel carrier, mobile command and control unit, law enforcement vehicle, medical evacuation vehicle, surveillance and reconnaissance vehicle.

    The Senator APC is a unique vehicle in terms of technical characteristics, design and assembly. It is characterized by a high level of manoeuvrability, with the small turning radius making it ideal choice for urban environments. By utilizing innovative lightweight composite materials, Roshel ensures the highest level of performance and mobility for its multi-mission platform. The body of the vehicle has been specifically designed to incorporate advanced heat and noise insulation materials providing an uncompromised level of comfort to its occupants. The vehicle is fully air-conditioned for comfort use in harsh environments.

    The Senator’s perimeter armouring of the passenger compartment and engine bay is designed to provide protection up to CEN B7 ballistic protection level. The floor is fitted with blast protection to defend occupants in case of a simultaneous explosion of 2 DM-51 German ordnance hand grenades or equivalent light anti-personnel mines. All utilized materials have been tested by internationally-recognized North American and European laboratories to meet ballistic protection standards.

    In addition to standard security features such as perimeter port holes, escape hatches, advanced locks, external view cameras, siren/PA system, emergency lighting, Roshel equips its vehicles with advanced defence solutions to enhance vehicle’s ability to accomplish its mission in a secure and efficient way. Among available security solutions are escape hatches, video surveillance equipment, night vision systems, fire source detection systems, chemical protection units and other.

    Get in touch with us today, and one of our experienced sales executives we will be glad to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a comprehensive solution meeting your particular operational needs and threat levels.

    Ballistic Levels Offered

    7.62 x 51mm
    Winchester .308
    7.62 x 39mm
    Winchester .308
    7.62 x 51mm
    Winchester .308
    7.62 x 51mm AP
    7.62 x 54mm AP

    Technical Specifications

    6.7L Diesel V8
    750 @ 2,000 rpm
    Horse Power:
    330 @ 2,600 rpm
    6-speed automatic
    Tires and wheels:
    335/80/R20, with run-flat devices
    Seating capacity:
    Up to 12
    5945 x 2340 x 2450 mm
    Protection level:
    CEN B6/ CEN B7
    Standard features:
    Engine bay armoring, multi-layer ballistic glass, heavy-duty door hinges, heavy-duty suspensions and brakes, external view cameras, rear compartment A/C, exhaust system, siren/PA system, mine blast protected seats, escape hatches, etc.
    Optional security features:
    Port holes, video surveillance, PTZ camera, heavy-duty winch, fire suppression system, optic muzzle detection system, heavy-duty grade tires, central tire inflation system, night vision system, CBRN system
    7381 Pacific Cir., Mississauga,
    Ontario L5T 2A4, Canada
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