Design & Engineering

    Due our extensive experience delivering defence and security-related assignments, we have developed a deep understanding of complex and evolving challenges facing the industry. Acting as a strategic partner for our clients, we contribute to their success by transforming their performance and helping them to achieve a safer world. Our mission is to promote innovation in order to increase operational advantage and deliver greater productivity utilizing available resources.

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    Precise Metal Fabrication

    Roshel offers training courses involving different fields of expertise within the defence and security industries across the globe. We work together with our customers to deliver training programs that suit their schedule, operational requirements and learning preferences, while responding to ever-changing threats and security challenges. Roshel’s instructors can deliver tailored training at customers’ sites designed to meet their specific requirements.

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    Ballistic Protection Solutions

    Broad industry expertise allows Roshel to offer global strategic sourcing to its clients in order to facilitate the process of finding the best suppliers for their defence and security needs. While combining unrivalled sector insight with specialists’ expertise drawn from different industries and geographies, we aim to achieve greater savings and compliance for our customers. Our innovative approach to supply chain management delivers the best possible values in the marketplace.

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    Integration & Customization

    Whether your organization operates in the public or private sector, our team of experts will bring operational experience and innovative thinking in order to overcome your procurement challenges. Significant track-record in government contracting within the defence industry will allow our specialist to find practical solutions for a wide range of issues arising in public procurement matters. We have experience working with the businesses and governments in all aspects of the procurement and contracting stages.

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    Nothing is more important to national security and the making and conduct of good policy than timely, accurate, and relevant intelligence. Nothing is more critical to accurate and relevant intelligence than independent analysis.

    Dennis C. Blair
    former United States Director of National Intelligence

    Roshel Corporate Presentation

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    Why Choose Us?

    Deep Expertise

    Our team of experts brings uncompromised industry experience and insights for the most efficient service within defence and security sectors.

    Custom-tailored Approach

    Collaborating closely with our customers we provide tailored management consulting and training services to meet their specific requirements.

    Complex Solutions

    At Roshel, we offer comprehensive solutions to help our clients to overcome existing challenges and achieve greater operational results.

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