Electronic Countermeasures

    Electro-Optical, Infrared and Radio Frequency

    Roshel Electronic Solutions division specializes in advanced Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) designed and developed to serve in various scenarios worldwide. Roshel provides vehicle-mounted, manportable and stationary jamming solutions as well as anti-drone systems to VIP, armed forces, security agencies, law enforcement and other government and corporate organizations to offer security solutions from Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs).

    A proven track record in the industry along with advanced technological solutions allow us to provide turnkey systems offering reliable protection in various operational conditions and terrains. Due to our extensive expertise and precise focus on global RCIED threat and its defeat complemented by deep understanding of specific local requirements we are able to supply custom-tailored solutions based on mission objectives and threat evaluation.

    Our vehicle-mounted, manportable and stationary jammers are designed and developed in a way, which allows them to be easily transferred and reprogrammed to provide maximal operational efficiency. By implementing active, reactive and hybrid jamming technologies, we utilize benefits of each and supply solutions based on different defeat methodologies depending on the exact client’s requirements. By being manufactured in Canada, our products comply with applicable international standards and regulations. They are tested in-house as well as by third-party organizations.

    In order to stay at the very top of the industry Roshel Electronic Solutions division continuously invests in R&D of new innovative technologies. By constantly exploring modern technologies and monitoring ever-changing threats, our team ensures that our equipment provides a future-proof capability making it a profitable investment for its users.

    Technical Specifications

    Correctional facilities
    Strategic installations
    Critical infrastructure
    Mass events
    Military facilties
    Frequency coverage:
    20-520 MHz VHF/UHF
    429-448 MHz DATALINK
    903-927 MHz DATALINK
    1,240-1,294 MHz VIDEO
    2,400-2,483 MHz WI-FI
    5,100-5,900 MHz WI-FI
    1,227 MHz GPS
    1,575 MHz GPS
    1,243-1,251 MHz GLONASS
    1,598-1,609 MHz GLONASS
    Antennas type:
    Omni-directional antennas for optimal 360º cover
    Radar detection range:
    Up to 25 km
    System components:
    Comm. Box
    Jamming unit
    Detection/jamming antennas
    C&C PC
    Operating Temperature:
    -30 °C +50 °C
    Storage Temperature:
    -40 °C +60 °C

    Key Advantages

    Advanced Capabilities

    Provides advanced observation, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities to facilitate Law Enforcement and Border Patrol missions in various terrains and weather conditions.

    Innovative Equipment

    Equipped with radar and Electro-Optical System (EOS), thermal vision camera, stabilization and remote weapon system (RWS).

    Reliable Protection

    Armoured in accordance with B6 protection level based on the European CEN standards providing protection from high powered rifles.

    7381 Pacific Cir., Mississauga,
    Ontario L5T 2A4, Canada
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