Anti-Drone & Counter-UAV Systems

    Professional UAV Detection and Neutralization

    As a manufacturer and supplier of electronic countermeasures (ECM), Roshel offers a wide range of counter-UAV solutions to provide the maximum protection of areas and facilities of various sizes and functions. It might include different sets of equipment depending on the application (residential zones, correctional facilities, commercial venues, government buildings, industrial installations, airports, border security, critical infrastructure, military facilities).

    Our advanced and innovative anti-UAV solutions consist of different combinations of UAV detection techniques such as radars, RF spectrum analyzers, electro-optic surveillance, etc), drone neutralization methods based on RF interference and laser technology. Our modular systems allow simultaneous use and smooth operation of different counter-UAV solutions providing an operator with an ability to access the level of threat and take adequate response actions.

    Roshel Anti-Drone systems ensure a robust and effective no-fly zone that can be applied to convoy protection, operation bases and facilities. Our systems are easy to operate and able to address multiple, simultaneous platforms. The RF based systems are equipped with advanced SDR signal processing that maximize the efficiency of the operation. The system covers various bands from 20 to 6000 MHz within up to 20 km range. When the treat is detected jamming is immediate with two main options: cushion landing or drift away and land. The system is highly customizable to meet the exact requirements of each customer.

    The counter-drone system can be operated from a portable device (including tablet) that displays general azimuth detection, detection status, possible identification as well as jamming status. Three modes of operation are available to the operator, including manual (time is set by the operator), automatic (automatically detects and jams), detection (detection only).

    Roshel counter-UAV systems are widely deployed to provide efficient protection for the military basis, critical infrastructure, sensitive buildings, correctional facilities and others. Both commercial and tactical applications have proved themselves to be an efficient tool for governmental and law enforcement clients on a global scale.

    Our experienced team of military veterans and industry professionals will be glad to collaborate with you in order to learn more about your operational requirements, identify the unique requirements of your region and offer the most efficient solution to ensure an effective no-fly zone.

    Technical Specifications

    Correctional facilities
    Strategic installations
    Critical infrastructure
    Mass events
    Military facilties
    Frequency coverage:
    20-520 MHz VHF/UHF
    429-448 MHz DATALINK
    903-927 MHz DATALINK
    1,240-1,294 MHz VIDEO
    2,400-2,483 MHz WI-FI
    5,100-5,900 MHz WI-FI
    1,227 MHz GPS
    1,575 MHz GPS
    1,243-1,251 MHz GLONASS
    1,598-1,609 MHz GLONASS
    Antennas type:
    Omni-directional antennas for optimal 360º cover
    Radar detection range:
    Up to 25 km
    System components:
    Comm. Box
    Jamming unit
    Detection/jamming antennas
    C&C PC
    Operating Temperature:
    -30 °C +50 °C
    Storage Temperature:
    -40 °C +60 °C

    Key Advantages

    Advanced Capabilities

    Provides advanced observation, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities to facilitate Law Enforcement and Border Patrol missions in various terrains and weather conditions.

    Innovative Equipment

    Equipped with radar and Electro-Optical System (EOS), thermal vision camera, stabilization and remote weapon system (RWS).

    Reliable Protection

    Armoured in accordance with B6 protection level based on the European CEN standards providing protection from high powered rifles.

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