S-Series Jammers

    Versatile and Reliable ECM Suite

    Roshel S-series Jammer is a modern vehicle mounted Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) suite available in two options for the most efficient deployment. Due to its advanced technical characteristics, S-series Jammer is a flagship model, which has been successfully deployed in more than 10 countries worldwide. The system has been designed to provide reliable protection for VIP convoy, diplomat transportation, security agencies vehicles, law enforcement and other non-military units facing threats from Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs).

    By implementing innovative ECM technologies Roshel developed a versatile, simple to operate and maintain solution which can be easily integrated to the different vehicle platforms, including SUVs, limousines, special purpose vehicles, etc. The system is highly customizable and programmable to provide protection within 20 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range.

    Along with its advanced technological capabilities, the system takes less space than other models on the market allowing the vehicle to efficiently perform its main mission and decrease hazards to personnel by consuming less power.  Due to the reactive technology, this ECM suite focuses only on the specific threats without jamming the entire RF spectrum with high power. Active jamming requires larger amounts of power and increases radiation hazards to the personnel. Our system has been tested internally as well as by third-party laboratories to comply with the highest safety standards and found to meet acceptable levels of RF radiation.

    In addition to high safety standards, Roshel S-series Jammer stands out from the crowd due to its simple design and ease of installation. This ECM suite can be quickly and easily reinstalled to the other vehicle within the fleet for non-stop efficient operations. By providing its solutions to almost all continents, Roshel offers 24/7 after-sales service and support to its valued customers along with installation services, custom training sessions and regular maintenance of the equipment.


    Technical Specifications

    Frequency Range & RF Power:
    20 – 500 MHz; variable – 50W/each
    500 – 6000 MHz; variable – 30W/each
    Power Supply:
    12-24 V
    Jamming Technology:
    Dimensions (mm):
    546 x 430 x 254 
    Weight (kg):
    15-17 kg 
    Antenna Dimensions:
    Depends on vehicle platform 
    Relative Humidity:
    5 – 95% humidity
    Operating Temperatures:
    -20oC – +60oC
    Storage Temperatures:
    -40oC – +70oC;
    Forced air; liquid cooling available 
    Built in
    Fully programmable with intuitive user interface 

    Key Advantages

    Advanced Capabilities

    Due to modular configuration, Roshel jammers provide full band coverage within the 20MHz – 6500MHz range by utilizing active, hybrid and passive jamming.

    Custom Solutions

    Flexible and reliable custom-tailored solutions to meet specific operational and security requirements based on mission objectives and threat evaluation.

    Reliable Protection

    Provides unmatched level of protection to all types of convoys from various Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEds) in all weather conditions.

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