Portable Jammers

    Reactive and Hybrid Jamming Technologies

    As a world-leading provider of Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) solutions, Roshel offers a wide variety of portable jamming systems available in various configurations, in a backpack, suitcase or on a trolley. These solutions were designed and manufactured to block communications or disable improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in order to create a safe working environment for the operational personnel.

    Roshel portable jamming solutions are field-proven and widely deployed by military security forces, SWAT teams, riot control units, border control agents and other operational crews on a global scale. By offering portable solutions based on reactive or hybrid jamming technologies we ensure that we meet the exact operational requirements of each user. In close collaboration with our clients we constantly monitor and analyze the particular threats and find the most durable and cost-efficient defeat solutions.

    By being based in Canada, we strictly follow all Canadian and international standards and regulations ensuring the safety of our equipment. With reactive and hybrid jamming technologies we focus energy on the specific threats other than jamming the entire RF spectrum. This approach allows us to reduce hazards to personnel and makes our equipment safe for operational crews. Our systems are tested by third party companies to comply with international standards, including NATO requirements.

    Our goal is to provide supreme operational efficiency and availability to our customers, therefore we focus on ease of operation, durability and flexibility of our solutions. Roshel portable jammers feature simplified maintenance along with a minimal requirement for spares, which reduces the overall cost for ECM. In order to further increase the efficiency of our equipment and support our customers, our military experienced staff provides complete custom training sessions along with workshops and seminars on future trends and emerging threats.


    VIP & High-rank Individuals
    Military Units
    Law Enforcement Troops
    Border Patrol Units
    Special Response Teams


    Key Advantages

    Advanced Capabilities

    Due to modular configuration, Roshel jammers provide full band coverage within the 20MHz – 6500MHz range by utilizing active, hybrid and passive jamming.

    Custom Solutions

    Flexible and reliable custom-tailored solutions to meet specific operational and security requirements based on mission objectives and threat evaluation.

    Reliable Protection

    Roshel jammers provide an unmatched level of protection from various Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs) in all weather conditions.

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