Customized for your Fleet Needs

Vehicle Upfitting Solutions

As the needs of the transportation industry change, so do the vehicle upfitting requirements. The ability to pivot quickly and respond to changes can make your business more successful and efficient.

Roshel combines in-house engineering and research expertise, along with highly responsive cell manufacturing technology, to provide custom upfitting solutions for your fleet, empowering clients with the adaptability needed for success.

Highly Customizable Upfitting Services 

Roshel offers a wide range of custom upfitting solutions for your cash-in-transit, temperature-controlled, or last-mile delivery vehicles. From modifications to interior layout and storage, armor upgrades, security systems, remote monitoring and fleet management systems, Roshel will design and deliver the most effective upfit modification in the shortest time and to the highest quality.

Our experts team up with yours to understand the exact nature of your operations and evolving requirements in order to offer customized solutions for your fleet. Out of this knowledge sharing, Roshel will engineer a custom upfit program for your vehicles. Our team has an extensive experience working with fleet managers and supervisors. 

Quality-control and Lead-time Advantages

Roshel understands that any loss of operational time for any of your vehicles is lost revenue and productivity. As a fully integrated manufacturer and upfitter, we have complete control of the quality and delivery of your project. As a result, we do not have to rely on a third-party contractor’s lead times or quality, which provides greater certainty for your project planning and upfit launch. You can be assured that the quality of the upfit you receive will be impeccable as Roshel brings its ISO certified quality systems to every project.

Climate-Controlled Solutions


Roshel manufacturers temperature-controlled vehicles, including reefer vans, trucks and trailers for a wide range of applications.

Our vehicles come with smart monitoring and control systems to offer remote temperature setting and tracking capabilities. By utilizing innovative insulation materials we ensure efficiency over a long period of time.

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Fleet Upfitting
Fleet Upfitting
Customized for your fleet

Commercial Fleet Upfitting

Roshel specializes in highly customizable commercial fleet upfitting services.  

We offer a wide range of aftermarket services for all vehicles types, including installation and integration of various electrical equipment, storage and lifting systems. Our production capacities allow us to efficiency handle high-volume installations.    

Custom Box Trucks
Bodies built to your specifications

Custom Box Trucks

Roshel offers custom box trucks for a wide range of applications. 

Van and truck bodies can be customized in many different ways, including size, doors and flooring options, exterior and interior features, safety systems, forklift mounting capabilities and liftgate choices.

Upfitted for Your Operations

Accessories & System Integrations

Roshel specializes in installation and integration of various accessories and systems. 

We offer electrical systems integrations for government and commercial fleets, including various security and emergency response solutions. Our team of certified electricians is capable to provide reliable services across North America.


Roshel upfitted vehicles are equipped with various features to meet your specific operational requirements.

Pickup Truck Hitches

Hitch Accessories

Ladder Racks

Roof Racks

Contractor Rig Racks

Branding and Decals

Trade Packages

Cargo Floors

Anti-Slip Flooring



Fold-Away Shelving

Running Boards and Steps

Drawer Units

Tonneau Covers and Truck Bed Covers

Why Roshel?

High quality upfitting services and after-sales support across North America.

As a complete upfitting service provider specializing in commercial and government fleets Roshel offers an integrated approach to meet your specific operational needs.

Quick Turnaround

Due to enhanced production capabilities, Roshel offers one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry for high volume upfitting.

Competitive Pricing

We offer upfitting and integration services for the most competitive prices. Finance and lease options are available for our fleet customers.

Extensive Track Record

Roshel has an extensive past performance and track record in providing upfitting solutions for large commercial and government fleets.