Customized for Your Fleet

Connected Vehicle Solutions

Roshel designs, develops and integrates fully customized software solutions for the secured transportation and last-mile delivery industries.

Our complete smart fleet management system boosts efficiency, security, and productivity by providing fleet managers with in-house tools to monitor and control daily operations.

Smart Fleet Management Capabilities 

Roshel’s smart management solution features a unique two-way communications technology and is the only solution on the market that offers the dispatch complete control of the vehicle. Through Roshel’s proprietary communication system, the dispatch can track, monitor, and activate security features of vehicles remotely.

Single Solution for Operational Efficiency

Roshel’s fleet management solutions reduce operational costs by consolidating the various components of fleet management, including personnel and asset management, last-mile delivery tracking, ELD compliance, and routing, into a single integrated solution. User interface technology also consolidates the management of all operations, as the connected vehicle features fleet management, telematics, driver behavior monitoring, and routing, all in one screen.

In addition, to further increase operations efficiency and streamline IT and data retrieval, all data storage is kept on the client’s premises.

 In addition, Roshel’s fleet management software system is protected by innovative electronic access controls, providing enhanced security.

Smart capabilities of Roshel’s advanced fleet monitoring and telematics solutions include driver behavior monitoring and reporting, biometric access control, GPS tracking and geo-fencing, remote ignition immobilization arming and door locking, 360-degree video surveillance, secure connectivity and other. 

Customized Connected Vehicle Solutions

The Roshel’s fleet management solution applies to many secured transportation and last-mile delivery business models and sizes, from SMEs to large fleet operators. Our advance system is custom made to meet the requirements of the specific industry/operator and can be developed to work in coordination with pre-existing fleet management processes. In addition, clients with existing ERP systems can integrate connected vehicle solutions designed by Roshel using open API software, providing efficient and cost-effective fleet management system.

Contact our specialized fleet advisory team to discuss your fleet management requirements, and we will be glad to offer you a cost-efficient solutions for your needs. 

Smart and Connected Solutions

Fleet Management for SME

Roshel has developed a unique fleet management solution for small and medium-sized enterprises providing them with the same smart capabilities which were previously only available to large operators. 

The system features two-way communication with the vehicles allowing to significantly improve performance and increase safety of your fleet.

Roshel streamlines your efforts and makes fleet management a simple process as your fleet grows. Our innovative hardware, user-friendly software, and easy integration process deliver a consolidated view of your fleet configured to support your unique requirements.

One-stop shop for your fleet

Smart System to Reduce Costs

The system is designed to significantly decrease your operational costs by providing all-in-one solution. 

Roshel’s advanced fleet monitoring and telematics solution includes GPS tracking and geo-fencing, routing, driver behaviour monitoring, biometric access control, remote door locking and cargo temperature setting, 360-degree video surveillance, secure connectivity, personnel management, fuel management, ELD reporting and many more.

By providing a single, comprehensive view of your fleet we simplify your fleet management efforts along with improving safety and boosting efficiency. 

Access Control and Monitoring System

Fully Customizable Solution

Roshel’s advanced fleet management system is custom made to meet the requirements of the specific industry or operator and can be developed to accommodate pre-existing fleet management processes and procedures. It’s open API allows its easy integration and customization. 

Its advanced functionality, including video telematics and connected fleet capabilities will allow you to monitor and control your deliveries to ensure compliance, safety and efficiency.

Roshel delivers real-time insights into your fleet operations to help prevent issues before they arise. Our customized system allows you to stay proactive as your fleet grows. 

Why Roshel?

High quality upfitting services and after-sales support across North America.

As a complete upfitting service provider specializing in commercial and government fleets Roshel offers an integrated approach to meet your specific operational needs.

Quick Turnaround

Due to enhanced production capabilities, Roshel offers one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry for high volume upfitting.

Competitive Pricing

We offer upfitting and integration services for the most competitive prices. Finance and lease options are available for our fleet customers.

Extensive Track Record

Roshel has an extensive past performance and track record in providing upfitting solutions for large commercial and government fleets.