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    Roshel Defence Solutions specializes in manufacturing and supplying of tactical defence and security vehicular solutions to its clientele on a global scale. Our broad range of products includes armoured and special purpose vehicles, electronic countermeasures, cyber intelligence systems as well as other defence and security solutions complemented with complex consulting, procurement, sourcing and training services. By connecting our customers with global defence solutions we are committed to providing them with strategic and tactical capabilities to ensure the success of their operations.

    Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Roshel serves its clients on a global scale mostly across North America and Europe. Among Roshel’s clients are Ministries of Defence, Ministries of Interior, law enforcement agencies, special forces, border patrol services, international corporations and high-profile individuals.

    Armoured vehicles

    Roshel manufacturers and supplies a broad range of armoured vehicles, including armoured SUVs, sedans, limousines, VIP vehicles, cash-transit vans and special purpose vehicles. By standing for the quality of its products we only utilize premium materials including ballistic steel, bullet-resistant glass, run-flat tires and other special components to provide uncompromised level of protection to our clients. For all of its vehicles Roshel facilitates worldwide delivery to all major seaports and airhubs.

    Jamming solutions

    Roshel provides world-leading electronic solutions to cover a wide range of scenarios across different terrains. Our advanced electronic countermeasures include convoy jamming solutions as well as anti-drone systems. Roshel’s field-proven vehicle-mounted jammers are designed and developed in a way, which allows them to be easily installed, transferred and reprogrammed

    to provide maximal operational efficiency. By implementing active, reactive and hybrid jamming technologies, we utilize benefits of each and supply solutions based on different defeat technologies to meet the requirements of the exact customer.

    Land Systems

    Roshel supplies a wide range of land systems able to serve in a variety of missions in various terrains and weather conditions. Our vehicular applications include command and control vehicles, observation and reconnaissance vehicles, multi-purpose intelligence vehicles, border patrol vehicles, vehicle-based jamming systems, mobile cyber forensics labs and satellite vehicles. Specifically designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions our land systems provide maximal efficiency and flexibility to its personnel.

    Cyber Intelligence

    By offering a wide range of cyber intelligence systems we provide law enforcement agencies and national security agencies with tactical solutions for efficient operations. Solutions designated for government use only offer capabilities to locate, monitor, intercept and jam signals to facilitate officers in critical missions worldwide. Our technologically advanced, efficient and reliable systems are designed to minimize required resources by eliminating the need for additional personnel, devices, vehicles or training.

    Why Choose Roshel

    Advanced and Technology-led Defence

    We provide our customers with the world’s most advanced and innovative vehicular-based products and solutions on a global scale. Collaborating with customers and partners, we develop, manufacture and service armoured vehicles and other mobile defence systems to deliver unmatched capabilities for law enforcement and special operations on a global scale.

    Social Responsibility and Sustainability

    We are committed to good corporate citizenship, ethical conduct and sustainable business practices. By delivering cutting-edge technology in a responsible way we set ourselves apart from the competition as well as contribute to the communities where we live and work.

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