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Portable Guard Booths

Roshel engineers, designs and builds a wide range of customizable armored portable gatehouses, secured mobile guard booths and check points. Roshel portable guard booths have been successfully deployed across North America.

By utilizing advanced ballistic materials and components we provide uncompromised level of protection while providing comfort working environment to the officers. Our line of ballistic-resistant portable gatehouses is designed to be operated in various environmental conditions by utilizing industry-leading components and heavy-duty materials.

In addition to standard features, portable booths feature perimeter gun ports, escape hatches, advanced locks, ballistic protected gas tank, external view cameras, exterior flood LED lights, and more.

Our portable gatehouses are fully customizable in accordance with specific operational requirements. They are equipped with advanced solutions to enhance their ability to accomplish the mission in an efficient way. In particular, Roshel offers heavy-duty leveling systems, 110/220 volt on-board generators, hitches, heating and AC systems, and others.

Third-party laboratories test all opaque and transparent armoring materials used in guardhouse production at Roshel to ensure that they strictly meet international ballistic standards. Our innovative in-house manufacturing process, covering all aspects of vehicle production, makes it possible for all products built at Roshel to accommodate a broad range of requirements. We specialize in custom-tailored solutions designed and built to meet every customer’s specifications according to local operational parameters.

Roshel facilitates the delivery of its portable gatehouses through an established network of logistics partners. To ensure maximum security and efficiency of our products, we offer comprehensive after-sales support, including same-day spare parts delivery and coast-to-coast technical support. Our broad partnership network allows Roshel to accommodate your most urgent requests from anywhere your mission takes you.

Call or email us today, and our specialists will be glad to discuss your specific requirements in order to provide you with the solution meeting your operating conditions and security requirements depending on the threats of the area the gatehouses will be deployed in. 

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Technical Specifications


Certified Ballistic SteelYes
CMVSS/FMVSS CompliantYes
Hazardous Products Act CompliantYes
Multi-Layered Bullet Resistance GlassYes
Operating TemperatureMinus 35° to 50 °C
Operating TerrainHighways, Secondary Roads and Gravel
Max SpeedUp to 125 km/h
GVWRUp to 16,000 lbs.
PayloadUp to 3,000 lbs.
Integrated Leveling SystemYes
Automatic Self-Leveling SystemOptional
Gun PortsYes
Fuel Tank ProtectionYes
Run-Flat DevicesYes
Door Overlap ProtectionYes
Upgraded Suspension SystemYes
Upgraded Braking SystemYes
Heat/Air ConditioningYes
Generator PoweredYes
Protection levels


All utilized materials have been tested by internationally-recognized North American and European laboratories to meet ballistic protection standards.

  • Level I

    .22 LRHV Lead .38 Special RN Lead

  • Level II-A

    .357 Magnum JSP 9mm FMJ

  • Level II

    .357 Magnum JSP 9mm FMJ

  • Level III-A

    .44 Magnum SWC 9mm FMJ

  • Level III

    7.62mm .308 Winchester FMJ

  • Level IV

    30-60 AP