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Military and Law Enforcement Vehicles

Roshel Smart Armored Vehicles designs and manufactures an extensive line of smart emergency response vehicles utilized by military and law enforcement agencies and first responders throughout Canada and the United States. Roshel emergency response vehicles provide an unmatched level of protection and durability, supporting first responders in accomplishing their missions.

Our line of bulletproof vehicles consists of multi-purpose emergency response units designed to securely operate in various environmental conditions by utilizing industry-leading components such as heavy-duty brakes, run-flat devices, and upgraded suspension. In addition to standard security features such as perimeter gun ports, escape hatches, advanced locks, external view cameras, siren/PA system, emergency lighting.

Roshel equips its vehicles with advanced security solutions to enhance vehicle’s ability to accomplish its mission in an efficient way. Among available security solutions are video surveillance equipment, night vision and chemical protection systems. 

Third-party laboratories test all opaque and transparent armoring materials used in vehicle production to ensure that they strictly meet international ballistic standards. Our innovative in-house manufacturing process, covering all aspects of vehicle production, makes it possible for all emergency response vehicles built at Roshel to accommodate a broad range of requirements. We specialize in custom-tailored solutions designed and built to meet every customer’s specifications according to local operational parameters.

Roshel facilitates the delivery of its emergency response vehicles through an established network of logistics partners. To ensure maximum security and efficiency of vehicles, we offer our customers comprehensive after-sales support, including same-day spare parts delivery and coast-to-coast roadside and tech support. Our broad partnership network allows Roshel to accommodate your most urgent requests from anywhere your mission takes you.

Call or email us today, and our specialists will be glad to discuss your specific requirements in order to provide you with the solution meeting your operating conditions and security requirements depending on the threats of the area the vehicles will be deployed in.

Armored Personnel Carrier

Senator APC

The Senator APC is a Roshel’s flagship model which has been specifically designed for law enforcement  and border patrol operations.   

It is a multi-purpose highly customizable modular platform capable of serving various scenarios and applications.

This high performance multi-purpose armored personnel carrier has been trusted by largest North American law enforcement agencies.

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Emergency Response Vehicle

Senator ERV

The Roshel’s primary ERV has been specifically designed to provide emergency response and rescue services.   

This modular platform ensures that first responders are protected and equipped with everything required to get their job done safely and efficiently.  

The Senator ERV has proved to be a valuable asset to multiple communities across North America. 


Mine Resistant Ambush Protected

Senator MRAP

The Roshel Senator MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle is a combat proven platform, having proven its effectiveness in conflict zones.

Its robust design offers a high level of protection against explosive devices and ambushes, ensuring the safety of the occupants in hostile environments.

The Senator’s high ground clearance, four-wheel drive and 6.7L turbo diesel engine provides efficient off-road capabilities.

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Modular & Reliable

Roshel Pickup

The Senator pickup, a multipurpose support vehicle tailored for carrying various advanced equipment such as counter-UAS systems and grenade launchers.

The Senator pickup can also serve as a cargo transporter due to its versatile nature. The vehicle provides STANAG 4569 AEP 55 Level 2 ballistic and Level 3 blast protection as certified by the NATO certified US-based independent laboratory.

This much-anticipated addition to Roshel’s lineup of tactical vehicles demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for modern defense and security challenges.

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Discreet Protection

Commercial Armored Vehicles

Roshel commercial armored vehicles provide protection for government entities and federal agencies throughout Canada and the United States.

With a wide range of makes and models Roshel is able to offer truly custom approach to its clients. 

By utilizing the industry-top ballistic materials and components we maintain OEM appearance and performance while providing an uncompromised level of security.

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Tactical Law Enforcement Vehicles

Armored Vans

Roshel offers armored tactical vans and buses providing secure transportation for governmental entities and law enforcement agencies across North America.

Our armored vans are based on popular models and designed in a way that their advanced ballistic technology remains visually unidentified from OEM models.

By providing security along with comfort we ensure that our customers can continue their day-to-day operations in the secured environment.

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Secured Gatehouses

Portable Guard Booths

Roshel designs and builds a wide range of armored portable gatehouses, secured mobile guard booths and check points.  

By utilizing advanced ballistic materials and components we provide uncompromised level of protection while providing comfort working environment to the officers. 

Roshel portable guard booths have been successfully deployed and utilized by a number of federal agencies. 

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