Technology led security

Corporate Profile

Roshel is one of the largest manufacturers of smart armored vehicles for commercial and government organizations in North America.

The company is headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Our long-standing commitment to quality and innovation, both in our process and our products, makes Roshel a leader in today’s secured transportation vehicles industry.

It is our mission at Roshel to anticipate and exceed the security challenges of our clients by providing deep expertise and analysis, advanced smart capabilities and solutions, custom-tailored to each specific requirement. 

Past Performance and Certifications

Roshel has built a proven track record and past performance in manufacturing and supplying secured transportation and special purpose armored vehicles to government and commercial organizations across North America.

Among Roshel’s customers are US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US Department of State (DOS), NASA, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), National defense (Canada), GardaWorld, Brink’s and others.

Commitment to Quality

As a provider of smart armored vehicles, we apply rigorous attention to the quality of our products, made specifically to protect personnel onboard and deliver valuable cargo. A sense of responsibility drives our commitment to operate with the highest standards of trust, ethics and integrity. Roshel stands for the quality of its products and as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company operates in full compliance with the relevant standards.

Only premium quality materials and components are utilized in the manufacturing of our armored vehicles, which are tested and certified in accordance with FMVSS/CMVSS requirements as well as international ballistic standards.

In-house Custom Manufacturing and Upfitting

Our manufacturing process provides flexibility and efficiency, resulting in the industry’s shortest production lead-times while still adhering to the strictest quality standards. Having all manufacturing capabilities in-house (design and development, metal fabrication, welding, painting, mechanical and electrical assembly) allows Roshel to offer our secured transportation clients the widest possible range of custom options, both for vehicle production and upfitting solutions.

All processes at Roshel, from R&D to painting, are facilitated on-site, while also hosting logistics and inventory management solutions to complete your customer experience.

Connected Vehicle Capabilities

Roshel Smart Armored Vehicles differentiates itself from the competition by leading the way in the development of smart access control systems for secured transportation. Roshel offers its clients proprietary fleet monitoring and telematics solutions customizable to individual requirements.

Our smart solutions address security metrics with keen sensitivity and reliability. Our innovative remote access and vehicle control capabilities provide enhanced security, while en route and during delivery, to ensure the ultimate success of your operations.

Meet our executives 

Roshel Leadership Team

Roman Shimonov


Maria Tkacheva

Chief Operating Officer

Demitry Faler

Vice President of Operations

Dmitry Gorin

Head of Research and Development

Zeev Braiman

Production Manager

Sushant Dhamija

Procurement and Sourcing Manager

Roshel Senator APC
Building A Track Record

Past Performance

As a fastest growing company in the industry, Roshel has been very successful in building its track record and growing the portfolio of top-ranked customers among government and large commercial organizations. 

Our dedicated team worked hard to satisfy the strict requirements of US and Canadian law enforcement agencies and leading security services providers. 

An Industry Leader

Roshel Today

Roshel has grown to become a leading manufacturer of armored vehicles in North America with hundreds of new units being deployed each year by its government and commercial fleet customers. 

In today’s dynamic security environment we provide security by offering smart and connected vehicle capabilities along with ballistic protection.

About Roshel
Innovation-led Approach

Embrace the Future

We will continue to expand our business and bring innovations to the industry by delivering technology led security products and services to our customers. 

Roshel is currently developing its own electric line of vehicles for secured transportation and last-mile delivery services to meet tomorrow’s environmental demands.  

Customer Experience 

Case Studies 

“Roshel fully met or exceeded contractual requirements and standards with regard to cost, quality, and schedule. Vehicles were delivered in perfect condition ahead of schedule. Customer communication and regulatory compliance were a model for other US Government contractors to follow.”

National Fleet Manager, US CBP

“NASA during SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission will use recently-ordered Senator light armored vehicles to defend Astronauts Bob Behnken and Colonel Doug Hurley on a short ride from the Operations and Checkout Building at the Kennedy Space Center to the launchpad.”

defense Blog

“The safety and security of our dedicated team of cash services professionals, our clients and the general public is our top priority. We strive to create the safest, most advanced and innovative fleet in secured transportation. Roshel is the ideal partner to make this goal a reality. We are extremely proud to continue to make significant investments and to help innovate our industry.”

GardaWorld Cash Services

“Shifting to environmentally friendly vehicles is our input into making the world a better place.Along with providing the highest standards of safety and security, meeting environmental and sustainability targets is our key priority. We believe that secured and smart hybrid and electric armored vehicles fleet built by Roshel is an effective means of meeting these targets.”

Malca Amit Group of Companies

“Once the vehicle arrived and was inspected, Roshel met and exceeded our expectations. The build quality was excellent, and we are very happy with our purchase. I recommend Roshel Defense Solutions for your armored vehicles needs.”

Police Department, Texas