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Roshel Pickup

The Senator pickup, a multipurpose support vehicle tailored for carrying various advanced equipment such as counter-UAS systems and grenade launchers. The Senator pickup can also serve as a cargo transporter due to its versatile nature. The vehicle provides STANAG 4569 AEP 55 Level 2 ballistic and Level 3 blast protection as certified by the NATO certified US-based independent laboratory. This much-anticipated addition to Roshel’s lineup of tactical vehicles demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for modern defense and security challenges.

The Senator is available in both 4 and 5-seater configurations. Its axles have been modernized, enhancing the vehicle’s payload capacity up to 3500 kg. Catering to diverse operational requirements, the pickup comes with an option for a high-sulfur engine. The Senator pickup incorporates Roshel’s extensive experience in armored vehicles manufacturing and offers unparalleled levels of protection, mobility and versatility. 

With a production capacity of 140 units per month, Roshel guarantees a quick turnaround for orders of any sizes. This vehicle is fully compliant with NATO standards and is the embodiment of Roshel’s commitment to delivering solutions that meet the tactical and logistical needs of modern armies.  

Built on the heavy-duty commercial Ford F-series chassis, the Senator pickup stands out with its cost-effective after-sales support, global parts availability, and a reliable drivetrain – making it the ultimate solution for military applications. Due to innovative engineering and active protections systems along with providing a high level of ballistic and blast protection, the vehicle remains lightweight and responsive. The Senator’s high ground clearance, four-wheel drive and 6.7L turbo diesel engine provides efficient off-road capabilities for various terrains. Upon request the vehicle can be offered in petrol variant and high sulfur diesel.

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Tested & Certified

Roshel Pickup STANAG II Test

Roshel’s latest addition to the esteemed Senator platform family, the Pickup version, has successfully passed all tests in accordance with the stringent STANAG 4569 AEP 55 Vol.2 level 2a/2b standards.

These comprehensive tests, including ballistic and blast evaluations, were meticulously conducted by Oregon Ballistic Laboratories, a certified institution for STANAG certifications.

With its robust design and advanced engineering, this vehicle offers unparalleled protection against mines, ambushes, and other threats.

Tested and Certified  

Technical Specifications


Engine6.7L Diesel V8
Horse Power330 @ 2,600 rpm
Torque750 @ 2,000 rpm
Transmission10-speed automatic
Dimensions6000 x 2400 x 2500 mm
Wheelbase3683 mm
Seating capacityUp to 5
Protection Levels

STANAG Level 2

All utilized materials have been tested by internationally-recognized North American and European laboratories to meet ballistic protection standards.

  • Kinetic Energy

    7.62×39mm API BZ at 30 meters with 695 m/s

  • Grenade and Mine Blast Threat

    6 kg (explosive mass) Blast AT Mine: 2a – Mine Explosion pressure activated under any wheel or track location. 2b – Mine Explosion under center. 2c – 25 kg TNT charge side blast test. 3a – Mine Explosion pressure activated under any wheel or track location.

  • Artillery

    155 mm High Explosive at 80 m Angle: Azimuth 360°; elevation: 0–22°

Tested & Certified

Best-in-class Side Slope Performance

The Roshel Senator has been tested by the National Research Council Canada, the leading Government research facility, to confirm its static rollover threshold and roll response characteristics. The vehicle demonstrated the best-in-class side slope performance by consistently reaching 39-degree mark on both sides. 

By conducting full analysis of vehicle’s dynamics and stability characteristics, we ensure its utmost performance, safety and stability in various driving conditions. 

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